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CLIA: 24D1033809

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By becoming a registered OralDNA Labs® Test Provider and incorporating Salivary Diagnostic testing into your treatment plan, you are reinforcing your dedication to provide your patients with the best oral health care possible. In addition, you are equipping your practice with a non-invasive tool that will help you better diagnosis and treat each individual patient.

If you have further questions about salivary diagnostic testing, please contact our OralDNA Labs Client Services Department by dialing:, 855.ORALDNA (672-5362) or by sending an E-mail to:

Creating an OralDNA Labs Account

As a new test provider, we need some basic information about your practice in order for you to initiate test orders for our MyPerioPath®, MyPerioID®, and OraRisk®HPV tests. Click on the following "Create Account" link to set-up your OralDNA account. You will receive an E-mail confirmation once your account has been enabled and is ready to be accessed.

Upon creation of your account, your OralDNA Labs Clinical Specialist will be proactively reaching out to you to introduce themselves and to ensure that your customer experience is of the highest quality. The goal of our highly trained Clinical Specialists, is to create a partnership with your practice to support your oral healthcare team in becoming experts in all aspects of Salivary Diagnostics testing. You can locate your Clinical Specialist by selecting: "Contact your Clinical Specialist" on our Home page.

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Ordering Saliva Collection Supplies

Each saliva collection kit contains the following: an oral rinse saline solution vial; a sample collection tube and funnel; barcode labels; a screw top cap for the sample collection tube and a FedEx Clinical Pak shipping envelope. Simply login to your account and select: "Order Collection Supplies." One individual collection kit can be used to test our MyPerioPath®, MyPerioID®, and OraRisk HPV® tests. Each collection kit can be utilized to test one, two or all three tests for each individual patient!

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Ordering and Shipping of Patient Samples

Once you have collection supplies you can begin testing with OralDNA Labs. Collect from you patient and submit the order on your OralDNA account. Completing the order will generate a prepaid FedEx shipping label for you to use when sending your sample.


Ordering Patient Education Brochures

OralDNA Labs offers our test providers patient education brochures for your practice. These brochures can be displayed to educate your patients about the importance of Salivary Diagnostics testing and inform them that you are an OralDNA Labs test provider. To order your complimentary periodontal and/or HPV testing patient brochures, click the link below to login to your account and select: "Order Brochures."

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Scheduling a Salivary Diagnostics Presentation

Your office will benefit from a presentation by your OralDNA Labs Clinical Specialist. Our highly trained Clinical Specialists goal is to support your oral healthcare team in becoming experts in all aspects of Salivary Diagnostics testing.

Search by state to find the OralDNA Labs Clinical Specialist that supports your area.

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