Salivary DNA Tests that Determine Increased Risk for Severe
Periodontal Infections


CLIA: 24D1033809

Trends in Salivary Testing

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MyPerioID® Testing From OralDNA Labs

The MyPerioID® IL-1 and MyPerioID® IL-6 tests identify individual genetic susceptibility to periodontal disease. With this information, clinicians are able to establish which patients are at increased risk for more severe periodontal infections due to an exaggerated immune response and can personalize therapy and treatment.

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GeneReporter Upgrade Service

If at a later point you wish to unlock additional genetic markers, you can upgrade your MyPerioID® IL-1 or IL-6 test without the need to submit a new sample. GeneReporter is a service, which allows our laboratory to update a patient file and report out an additional 9 markers of inflammation! This information can help you determine how aggressively to treat and how often to schedule re-care.

Using next-generation sequencing on every genetic test order gives OralDNA Labs the ability to offer additional insights as you need them or as new discoveries are made.

*You may upgrade any MyPerioID® tests performed after February 19, 2015.

**MyPerioID® and GeneReporter are not currently available in the State of New York