OraRisk® Candida

Salivary DNA Test to Identify Infections Caused by Various Species
of the Yeast, Candida


CLIA: 24D1033809

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OraRisk® Candida Testing From OralDNA Labs

OraRisk® Candida is the second in a series of unique tests for infections common in the oral cavity and pharynx. OraRisk® Candida identifies all common species of the yeast, Candida; which is known to cause oral thrush in patients with a normal or compromised immune system.

Candida species identification is key to treatment choice since some types of Candida are resistant to standard antifungal treatments. Additionally, our interpretative report guides the clinician with treatment recommendations.

*OraRisk® Candida is not currently available in the State of New York.

Which patients should be tested?

  1. Patients with oral infections with atypical signs or symptoms
  2. Patients with recurrent oral yeast infections
  3. Patients with non-healing oral ulcers
  4. Immunocompromised patients with a wide range of signs or symptoms suggesting oral infection

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Candida Negative Report

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