Traditional Periodontal Disease Case Study

By: Brian Davey, DDS

September 20, 2019

The Challenge:

Patient with extremely limited history of dental care presents seeking dental wellness. Although patient is anxious, she is highly motivated to create a healthier dental foundation.

The Background:

  • Age: 33
  • Sex: Female
  • Medical History: Seasonal allergies and anemia
  • Last Dental Exam: 01/01/2019
  • Home Care: Manual tooth brushing 1-2 times per day, occasional flossing
  • Chief Complaint: Patient is motivated to achieve better dental health
  • Periodontal Assessment: AAP Case Type II with localized 1-2 mm of recession, bleeding on probing was moderate with localized heavy bleeding sites
  • Medical Assessment: BP: 111/71 pulse: 69

Additional Comments: The patient has limited recollection of any dental care in her life, even in childhood.

The Solution:

  • Date of Pre MyPerioPath®: 01/08/2019
  • Periodontal Therapy: Two visits consisting of scaling & root planing with ultrasonics, diamond files and laser assisted therapy
  • Systemic Antibiotic Use: Considered, never administered
  • Home Care Instruction: Instructions were given at every visit. The patient showed great improvement at every visit
  • Date of MyPerioProgress® (post-therapy test): 04/04/2019

The Result:

It was rewarding the see the patient come in for the second half of her gingival therapy, as she was very motivated to maintain her overall oral health. She continues to be diligent in her efforts to make it to her dental visits. Scaling with the ultrasonic system went very well and the patient did not experience any sensitivity in the areas of recession. This patient’s case study was very rewarding. These pre- and post-treatment lab reports allowed me to better assess and evaluate the treatment we provided during the patient’s gum therapy in January 2019.

During the patient’s definitive therapy visit in April, it was rewarding to see that the patient had gained some clinical attachment with a decrease in her probing depths of 5 mm to 4 mm as well as a decrease in areas of bleeding on probing. She is very motivated and has made a strong attempt to implement routine oral care.

About the Author:

Dr. Brian Davey comes from a family of dentistry. His uncle, who was also his mentor, was a pediatric dentist. He recognized early on that Dr. Davey had the skill, both technical and interpersonal, to become a good dentist.

He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine, then attended the University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry from 1996-2000.

Dr. Davey has been designated as a Fellow for the Academy of Oral Systemic Health. He was also recognized as a Top 10 General Dentist in San Diego’s Best Union-Tribune Readers Poll (2019). Previously, he was awarded the 2014 Doctor of the Year for Next Level Practice Complete Health Dentistry, also earning a leadership award.

Today, Dr. Davey’s mission is to enhance people’s lives through health, wellness, and fun. He is committed to making a difference in the health of the San Diego community by getting 20,000 people healthier before 2020.

He believes the mouth is connected to the body, the body is connected to the family, and the family is connected to the health of a community. With that knowledge, his mission is bringing together the medical and dental community to collaborate for the greater good of San Diego and his patients.

In addition, he is the founder and creator of the San Diego Academy of Systemic Health (SDASH). In 2018, he won an award as a leader of complete health for creating SDASH and for working toward his 2020 goal of making San Diego America’s healthiest city.

Dr. Davey says, “I invite you to join my practice and become part of our patient family. I look forward to providing you with beautiful, healthy smiles now and for years to come.”