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General Questions

Q. How much are the collection supplies?

A. The collection supplies are at no cost to you! Client Services will place the initial order of collection supplies and from there, you can place future orders under your OralDNA® account by selecting “Order Supplies.”

* Outside of the United States, collection supplies are available for providers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico. Email if you are located elsewhere.

Q. Do I need different collection supplies for different tests and is the collection technique the same for all tests?

A. The collection supplies and collection method are universal. A single oral rinse sample collection allows you to order any and all lab tests available.

Q. Do you have patient education brochures?

A. Yes! We have complementary MyPerioPath® and OraRisk® HPV patient brochures available to help educate your patients about the importance of salivary diagnostic testing.

Q. How do I send my patient sample to OralDNA® Labs?

A. Create and submit test orders under your OralDNA® account. You will then be able to create a shipment, select the shipping method, and conveniently arrange a FedEx pickup.

Q. How do I know when a result report is available?

A. An email notification will be sent to the email address(es) on file for your results contact(s). Then, simply login to your OralDNA® account and retrieve the report.

Q. How am I billed for testing?

A. A credit card must be placed on file, which will only be charged when a sample is received by our laboratory. An Order Receipt is sent to the billing contact on file, and a record is always available under your OralDNA account.

Q. How long can I wait to send my patient sample(s)*?

A. An oral rinse sample with saliva DNA preservative must be received by OralDNA® Labs within 21 days from the day of collection.

Q. What if I have questions about my patient's results?

A. Our team of Clinical Specialists and advisory board of Periodontists, Dentists, Genetic Counselors and Medical Professionals are available to discuss results and answer any questions you may have. Simply select: “Request Consultation” under your OralDNA® account or reach out directly by phone or email.

*Oral rinse samples without preservative must be received by OralDNA® Labs within 7 days from collection.