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Track Success & Monitor Treatment

Order a second MyPerioPath® after therapy or annually, and receive a complimentary MyPerioProgress® report outlining bacterial changes! This valuable tool allows you to measure success and track progress for a more personalized therapy.

FREE Collection Supplies

Collection kits are Universal for ALL tests offered and always, provided at no cost to you!

Experts At Your Fingertips

With over 30 years experience in salivary diagnostics, our team is armed to help solve even the toughest cases! Free consultations and personalized trainings ensure you and your team are successful in advancing patient care.

Simple & Non-Invasive

A 30-second swish and gargle is all it takes to collect a sample from your patient! From that one sample, we can perform any and ALL tests on our menu!

Secure Online Access

Your HIPAA secure portal is where you order tests and retrieve results. Simply login with your username and password from our website:

FREE Patient Brochures

We provide you with the tools to educate patients about the importance of salivary diagnostics! Patient brochures are always provided at no cost to you!

Billing Made Easy

We bill you directly to a credit card placed on file under your secure account. This card is only charged when we receive samples for testing.

21 Day Stability

Once a specimen is collected, it is stable for 21 days from the date of collection! This allows you to order additional testing with ease, even after shipping the specimen!

Email Notifications

Receive instant email notifications when reports are ready! Customize your account by listing specific team members to receive invoice and/or report notifications.

Find A Provider

We make sure that patients in your area can easily locate you through our FIND A PROVIDER tool on our website! Once you begin testing, your office information is listed for all to see!

Insurance Coding Guide

You will be provided an insurance coding guide that outlines both medical and dental codes to utilize when billing patient insurance.

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