OraRisk® HSV

Salivary DNA Test for an Accurate and Easy Way to Diagnose Herpes Simplex Virus Outbreaks Involving the Oropharynx


CLIA: 24D1033809

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OraRisk® HSV Type 1 and HSV Type 2 Testing from OralDNA Labs

OraRisk® HSV test is an accurate, sensitive and easy way to diagnose herpes simplex virus outbreaks involving the oropharynx. HSV infections are very common, yet can often be mistaken for other causes of oral vesicles, ulcers and other forms of painful oral and pharyngeal lesions. This test, offered as a simple oral rinse or a site-directed swab, helps make the correct diagnosis.

*OraRisk® HSV is not currently available in the State of New York.

OraRisk HSV features:

  1. Clearly identifies HSV 1 or HSV 2
  2. Detects "shed virus" specific to active infections or outbreaks
  3. Oral rinse makes it easy to find infections located in remote areas
  4. Treatment recommendations are provided

Which patients should be tested?

  1. Signs or symptoms of pain in oropharyngeal mucosa
  2. History of trauma, stress or food sensitivity, with a complaint of pain or a vesicular or ulcerative lesion
  3. An immunocompromised patient with recurrent oral lesions or other systemic disease such as cancer
  4. Concern of sexually transmitted disease

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