Summary of Offered Expertise & Services

Dr. Katie Lee, DDS offers oral health coaching that is focused on fertility and gut health, microbiome testing, and coaching clinicians on the integration of oral-systemic health practices into their offices. Dr. Lee has two passions in her profession: dentistry itself and making other dentists successful. Dr. Lee’s first-hand journey in recovering from the effects of dental trauma led her to specialize her career on the Mouth-Body Connection® and dental implants. Dr. Lee searches for proven technologies that improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience, and loves to educate her peers on those technologies. Dr. Lee authored a book entitled Saved by the Mouth to educate patients and clinicians on the importance of oral health.

Practice Protocol Summary

Dr. Lee assists patients in testing and understanding their oral microbiome, and coaches them on ways to improve their health. Her focus is on fertility, pregnancy, and gut dysbiosis patients.

As a Mouth-Body Connection® expert, Dr. Lee believes oral health professionals should have knowledge about and treat the entire patient, not just their mouth. She has over a decade of experience integrating mouth body connection best practices into daily use to help patients achieve their optimum health. Dr. Lee can help educate you and your team on the oral systemic link and help create workflows that will allow you to incorporate whole-body health into your dental office.

Oral Systemic Health in Your Practice

As dentistry is an ever-evolving profession, oral health professionals must evolve as well to ensure we are providing the best care for our patients. Currently, there is a massive movement towards integrating oral systemic health practices into dentistry. This can seem overwhelming as there is an entirely new set of information to learn, technologies to source and implement, and training that needs to occur in order to effectively deliver this type of care in your office. Dr. Lee has been practicing oral systemic dentistry for nearly a decade and have mastered its implementation.

Working with Dr. Lee, you can expect:

  • Current, applicable knowledge on oral systemic health
  • Access to and implementation of the best technologies to aid in diagnosis
  • Complete training of hygiene team to lead the oral systemic health charge
  • Patient communication tools
  • Financial impact training

How dentists treat patients needs to come from a place of bridging the gap between addressing dental disease and treating overall health. Dr. Katie Lee is a leader, coach, and mentor with a proven track record of developing effective and profitable teams, developing new dental graduates for success, and developing women as leaders in business and dentistry. Providing in-depth insight into practice management and growth, Dr. Lee can break down the basics: diagnosis and treatment planning, treatment of patients utilizing innovative technologies, building effective teams, and how to make your practice profitable.




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