Summary of Offered Expertise & Services

Whether through private coaching, consulting or continuing education courses Anne O. Rice can help you understand the intricacies between the mouth, body, and the brain. We share prevention strategies using scientific research and protocols to develop comprehensive programs specific for the client’s needs.

Practice Protocol Summary

The complexity of oral health relationships with systemic health can be daunting to understand. Distilling current scientific research can be a full-time job but making the connections is important for providers. An area that has can be missed is between oral health and brain health. Risk reduction is the key for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease as with other age-related chronic conditions. What we may not realize is that our oral health should have focus in that prevention equation. Compelling active research regarding microbes, the immune system and the oral cavity and their interaction with inflammation keeps periodontal disease at the forefront of systemic discussions including Alzheimer’s.




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