With over 40 years in the dental industry, Dr. Kern brings expertise, guidance and her success strategies to you. She helps shorten your learning curve, decrease your stress and increase your profitability. The goal is to achieve harmony and life balance. Dr. Kern offers one-on-one coaching and has an online course academy.

What You'll Learn In The Program Modules

Module 1: Vision - Learn the power of having a Vision for your business and your life. When you achieve Success you’ll recognize it.

  • How to shorten your learning curve and help you achieve a well-strategized and profitable practice as soon as possible.
  • Dentist versus Entrepreneur. Learn how to get connected to your values and design your Vision. Develop a foundation from which you choose how to balance your personal and professional life.
  • Step by step on the Vision crafting process and attracting the life you want. Learn how to Conquer your Inner Critic. When your vision and principles are aligned you set yourself on the path to success.

Module 2: Leadership - Be the Queen of your kingdom leading from a sense of security and knowing. Competency builds confidence. Communicate with purpose and style.

  • Define and develop your skills as the Leader. Qualities and skill set needed to lead your team.
  • Understand that Mindset and your communication style are instrumental in creating your success.
  • Introduction to DISC personality profile testing an indispensible tool. Learn what your style is as a Leader. As the CEO learn how to set your goals.

Module 3: Team Dynamics - Create the rock star team that supports and carries out your vision. How to find, nurture and empower employees that have an owner mentality.

  • Five techniques for hiring the best employees.
  • Utilize DiSC in candidate selection, developing job descriptions and for employee performance reviews. Employee manuals and human resource specialists are crucial to legal compliance.
  • The leader fosters the culture and trains for success through meetings with her team.

Module 4: Business Systems - The foundation and scaffolding from which to build the success of your practice. Numbers don’t lie and from them we develop strategies to win.

  • The success of your practice is in direct proportion to the success of your systems. Key systems are your effective Perfect Day Scheduling, reduction of cancellations and no shows, and coordination with your hygiene department. Decrease stress, financial strain and staff turmoil through procedures, protocols, and policies. Learn how to manage the business of dentistry through systems and statistics.
  • Get control of your schedule. Strategies for doctor to stay on time. Prevent cancellations and create value for your time.
  • From first contact to checkout, control the variables to create an outstanding first impression and new patient visit.
  • Four ways your hygienist contributes to the Practice. What production percentages should you expect from your hygiene dept? Scripts and handoff between doctor and hygienist to create effective communication. Your philosophy and support empower your hygienist.
  • Review your scorecard with the team. Whatever you track seems to improve. Tracking your statistics assists you in decision making for course correction.

Module 5: New Patient Experience - From the first call-- step by step through the dental visit to the handwritten Welcome note card—how to exceed expectations.

  • Exceed expectations and develop relationship with our patients. Create a unique, authentic and caring dental experience that patients will talk about. Utilize DiSC to communicate with patients.
  • Spa Amenities and great customer service. Control the variables and dramatically increase your odds of success. How do perceptions play a role in how your patients feel?
  • Believable, Likable, and Trustworthy. Create an environment and experience where the patient feels better about themselves when they are in your presence. Inform, explain, and do what you say you are going to do to build trust.

Module 6: Marketing - What is it and how can a dentist utilize marketing to build her practice? See examples of internal and external marketing ideas and learn what you can do in your own office to stand out from the crowd.

  • Marketing 101 Introduction to marketing terminology. We will cover Branding, Unique Selling Appeal, taglines and elevator speeches. You will learn strategic planning using target markets, public relations and internal practice promotion.
  • Learn how to use Internal marketing methods such as Reverse Pull Marketing within your Practice. When to advertise, the mindset you will need, investment and budget considerations and how to develop an external marketing campaign.



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