Summary of Offered Expertise & Services

Dr. Doug Thompson has been a practicing dentist since 1997 when he established Integrative Oral Medicine. His practice focus has been not only on providing evidenced based Personalized Periodontal Medicine, but active co-management of patients with their healthcare team to prevent systemic diseases associated with periodontal disease and other oral conditions. His practice has included the consistent use of reliable pre and post treatment testing using OralDNA® tests to provide vital diagnostic data.

With several years of successfully helping patients achieve and maintain health, in 2015 Dr. Thompson founded the Wellness Dentistry Network. This has become a global community of dentists with a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect whole body health. An online content hub provides a vast library of material demonstrating how oral health issues are integrated with overall medical health issues, as well as the implementation tools dental teams need to get started, keep current, and meet the challenges in this rapidly expanding area.

A key element of the Wellness Dentistry Network community is membership mentoring and collaboration. The Network was founded on the belief that together, we can change the approach to how we interact with our patients, collaborate with each other to share information, and more effectively integrate with other areas of the healthcare model. Dr. Thompson is committed to spreading this model and sharing his experience with other clinicians in the use of diagnostic tools and systems that make definitive treatment of oral and systemic health possible.

Dr. Doug Thompson is founder and primary lecturer for the Wellness Dentistry Network, a faculty member at the Kois Center in Seattle, Board member of the American Academy of Oral-Systemic Health, author of journal articles including, "Verifiable Outcomes Using Salivary Diagnostics in Periodontal Medicine: Test and retest for clinical success" and is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Practice Protocol Summary

Dr. Doug Thompson founded the Wellness Dentistry Network realizing there is a tremendous opportunity in dentistry today to be much more involved in your patient's overall wellness. However, he knew to do this successfully you to have a strategic plan. You also need methodologies to:

  • Provide practitioner/patient awareness about health-related issues
  • Educate the patient about how oral conditions can affect systemic health>
  • Determine clear diagnostic criteria
  • Develop treatment plans utilizing comprehensive evaluation and risk assessments
  • Provide an organized process for ongoing maintenance protocols facilitating long-term success

In addition, he found that applying metrics, or measurables, to any course of action enhances the patient's understanding and acceptance of our treatment. Additionally, it provides objective credibility to our methodology. Using salivary diagnostics is standard of care in Dr. Thompson's clinical practice, Integrative Oral Medicine, and highlighted as a key measurable in Wellness Dentistry Network seminars and protocols. Dr. Thompson is happy to share his years of experience in utilizing salivary diagnostics with other clinicians in his teaching and consulting work.




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