OraRisk® Candida

Identify Infections Caused by Species of the Yeast, Candida

OraRisk®┬áCandida identifies all common species of the yeast, Candida; which is known to cause oral thrush in patients with a normal or compromised immune system.

Candida species identification is key to treatment choice as some types of Candida are resistant to standard antifungal treatments. Candida species identified by this assay include: C.albicans, C.glabrata, C.krusei, C.parapsilosis, C.tropicalis, C.rugosa, C.guilliermondii/C.zeylanoides, C.kefyr, C.lusitaniae (up to 3 types may be reported).

All of our salivary diagnostic tests can be ordered from the same simple oral rinse collection.

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OraRisk®┬áCandida Positive Sample Report

OraRisk®┬áCandida Negative Sample Report

*OraRisk® Candida is not currently available in the State of New York.