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Client Testimonials

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Doug Thompson, DDS, FAAMM, ABAAHP

Educator and founder of the Wellness Dentistry Network

"OralDNA has given me tools to help me understand the cause, design the treatment, and guide the maintenance for my patients with periodontal disease. I couldn't personalize the disease treatment without OralDNA."

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Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH

Dental Program Manager

"I love OralDNA® Labs salivary testing! I feel having this data has forever changed the way we can optimally treatment plan for our patients."

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Herb Bader, DDS

OralDNA Scientific Advisor, Author, Researcher, Faculty Harvard Dental School

"Salivary testing by OralDNA has changed the way I practice dentistry. For the first time I can use laboratory testing not just clinical observation to help diagnose periodontal disease. This test enables me to know which type of bacteria among dozens of possibilities is causing the disease. That in turn allows me to design a treatment plan customized to each patient and produces a much higher rate of successful outcomes. In effect, this test is helping me save more patients from the tooth loss and other dental damage that can occur with periodontal disease."

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Traci Warner, RDH

LifeSmiles Complete Health Dentistry

"OralDNA Labs’ comprehensive tests help me individualize treatment for my patients. By being able to target specific bacteria that are causing the oral inflammatory response, I am setting my patient up for a healthy outcome. Dental teams play an important part in not only oral health, but the overall health of the patients they serve!"

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Isaac Comfortes, D.D.S

Total Health Dentistry of Encino

"We are very passionate about oral health and its link to systemic wellness.  Salivary analysis is a routine procedure of our comprehensive patient evaluation.  We rely on the results from MyPerioPath® to complete our periodontal disease assessment.  Practicing preventative dentistry without the support of OralDNA diagnostics would be regressive."

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Liz Kauppila, RDH

BS from Arbor Lakes Dental

"The bacterial testing that OralDNA® Labs provides has been such an influential addition for us as dental practitioners. Instead of saying, "You have an infection," we can say, "You have an infection caused by these bacteria and here's what can be done to treat it." The knowledge is in the hands of our patients."

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Nancy Conlin-Wahl, RDH

BS from Arbor Lakes Dental

"After 20 years of practicing dental hygiene, I finally feel like I have a tool that can get to the root of the problem causing oral infection for my patients. The results I'm seeing from utilizing the MyPerioPath® tests are phenomenal. Patients that have not been able to stabilize their infection now can get truly healthy. Thank you, OralDNA® Labs, for allowing me to take my patients to the next level of health."

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Nancy Heath, RDH

Port Warwick Dental Arts

"OralDNA® Labs provides the most accurate and cost effective salivary diagnostic testing for early detection of periodontal disease, periodontal genetic disease risks, as well as screening for risk associated with oral HPV infections. The ability to detect and provide treatment modalities at an earlier and more treatable stage is a huge benefit for my patients. The science that OralDNA® Labs offers helps me communicate more effectively regarding a total approach to oral/systemic health; resulting in my patients being more motivated to engage with periodontal therapy due to a deeper level of understanding. This logical and systematic approach helps me deliver gingival tissue resolution with amazing results.

As a dental hygienist working with the best practitioners for over 30 years, I’ve seen several new product innovations come and go. In my opinion, OralDNA “completes me” as a dental health professional and is a must for every practice aspiring to deliver the very best treatment for their patients."

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Richard Nagelberg, DDS

International Lecturer, Continuing Education Provider, Co-founder of PerioFrogz.com

"With OralDNA®, our success rate with treating periodontal disease has skyrocketed."

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Steven D. Hatch, DDS

Brady and Crist Dentists

"I am fairly new to OralDNA Labs' services, but recently one of my hygienists mentioned using it for a patient who, no matter what we do or he does with his home care, has chronic inflammation, BOP and a few periodontal pockets. We decided the test might be of help to us. I discussed his case with Diane Larson at Oral DNA and she was very informative of the test and treatment options. We received the results and placed our patient on the recommended antibiotic. We had him return for follow up. His pockets had decreased (one actually from a 6 to a 3) and his overall gingiva appeared pink and healthy. His first comment after sitting in the chair was, "I only bleed slightly in two spots now." After his evaluation, we sat him up in the chair and he said, "You know, I feel like crying. For years ever since I was young, everyone has told me I wasn't cleaning my teeth well enough and to floss more, etc. I just thought it was always my fault." We will now utilize your services regularly with this patient, as we believe it has improved both his oral and overall health. Thanks for your help."