An Interview with Sue Baughman


Dr. McGlennen: What are the top 2 things to consider when you select a patient for testing?
Sue RDH: I do not filter who I share this valuable information with. ALL patients have the right to know that there are tests to determine what type of bacteria is in their mouth that may be harmful to their overall health. In other words, I educate all patients on what they need and then it is up to the patient to decide. I have patients who take their total health and well-being very seriously. It is not just for the compromised patient, but for the proactive patients as well.

Dr. McGlennen: What is your favorite part of the MyPerioPath® results?
Sue RDH: As a hygienist, patient education is so important. Intra oral pictures and x-rays are great tools to help patients to visualize what is going on in THEIR mouth. The MyPerioPath® adds to that visualization and the bonus is it gives me, the clinician, valuable information to personalize the treatment plan.

Dr. McGlennen: If a new OralDNA® provider were to ask you for advice, what would be your best tip?
Sue RDH: I would have many “tips” from different areas of the office. This really is a whole team approach. For the doctor, the test serves as a third- party, objective validation and guide for patient care. For the hygienist, the MyPerioPath® test gives a blueprint to patient treatment and education. For the surgeon, the bacterial test provides insight into the oral bacteria that is present. When a patient has been medically compromised and needs lab work completed before surgery, it is beneficial to know what bacteria is present in the mouth that may compromise the surgery.

Dr. McGlennen: Where do you see OralDNA® in 10 years?
Sue RDH: I see OralDNA® as a standard of care in all dental offices. I am fortunate to work in a Whole Health practice, we believe in the oral systemic link and as that connection continues to grow, this testing will become standard of care. Also OralDNA® testing services will become significant as a pre-surgical dental clearance including but not limited to joint replacements, transplants and cardiovascular patients.

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