Daily Dental Care™: Interview with Dr. Emily Stein

Dr. McGlennen: What is the mission for Daily Dental Care™?

Dr. Emily: Daily Dental Care™ is committed to addressing public health issues by creating safe and consumable oral care products that target the root cause of dental disease- Oral bacteria.

We are a life sciences company that leverages our microbiology expertise to create oral care products that promote strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath. Our lozenges safely and effectively neutralize harmful bacteria and their disease causing by products, like acid and plaque, without harming health promoting bacteria that guard your mouth against the destruction that sugar causes.

Dr. McGlennen: Why is the biofilm so important to oral health?

Dr. Emily: Biofilm comprises any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and often adhere to a surface. Dental plaque is a discolored oral biofilm that adheres to teeth. The mouth is a unique site in the body in that it provides non-shedding surfaces (teeth, dentures, implants) for microbial colonization. This can result in the accumulation of large numbers of microorganisms, particularly in hard-to clean sites.

Dr. McGlennen: What is the role of salivary diagnostics regarding biofilm and oral health?

Dr. Emily: We believe that the general public has an understanding of the importance of the gut microbiome, which is a balance of good bugs and bad bugs in order to maintain a healthy gut. Thus, the transition to understanding the oral microbiome should follow. Diagnostic tests are a huge asset that can help folks visualize their oral ecology, see how it changes over time and how dental/oral treatments help or hinder their oral health.

Dr. McGlennen: Traditional periodontal therapy has limitations. What are some advantages your products offer?

Dr. Emily: Scaling and root planning displaces the plaque and deposits of calculus (tartar) from below the gum line but does not remove all of it. Some dentists also include toxic antiseptic or antibiotics (not favored due to large increases in antibiotic resistant bacteria) but these treatments eliminate all types of oral bacteria, the bad ones and the good ones. These treatments have not shown a favorable outcome for many patients, with reoccurring periodontal disease on the rise. Our product’s advantage is that it selectively targets the disease-causing oral bacteria and not the beneficial ones, allowing them to repopulate the gums, teeth and mouth to rebalance the oral ecology towards health.

Dr. McGlennen: For those wanting to learn more about oral biofilm, where/what is the best resources/articles?

Dr. Emily: The October Issue of the CDA Journal has one of the most comprehensive and detailed overviews of oral biofilm and the microorganisms and environmental factors responsible for either symbiosis (balance) or dysbiosis (unbalance) of the human microbiome.

Dr. McGlennen: What are your biggest challenges? How can salivary diagnostics help overcome these challenges (if applicable)?

Dr. Emily: People largely ignore dental problems until they become severe. If you brushed your hair and your scalp started to bleed people would immediately become concerned and seek medical help, but many people don’t seem bothered if they brush their teeth and their gums bleed. We would like to educate people about the importance oral health and not just for preserving their teeth and gums but also for its impact to their overall health. Mounting scientific evidence demonstrates a link between poor oral health and life-threatening diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, stroke and dementia.

Dr. McGlennen: Where do you see Daily Dental Care™ in 10 years?

Dr. Emily: We would like to see DDC™ as a pioneering life sciences company in the oral care space. The goal is to have our products and proprietary approach to bacteria management in the majority of the population’s daily dental hygiene routine. Our initial product, oral care lozenge, can benefit everyone of all ages as a proactive approach to maintaining balance in the oral microbiome. As an easy to take oral lozenge made with Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients, we envision everyone from toddlers to seniors in Long Term Care using our products as a supplement to their dental hygiene routine. Within the next several years, we anticipate commercializing other products (gum, mouthwash, gels, etc.) and we anticipate licensing our technology to partner companies who understand the importance of approaching oral bacteria management as we do.

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Dr Emily Stein