Class II Periodontitis and Mouth Breathing

Challenge: To establish health through periodontal intervention per JP Institute protocols.

Background: A female with ADHD and panic disorder appointed to the office in early 2016. A referral to a periodontist was given resulting in the consultation recommendation of surgery for the extraction of all third molars with a fair prognosis. The patient scheduled, but later canceled the surgery and denied extraction of all third molars.

In Spring 2017, at age 25, the female returned to the office with the chief complaint of bleeding, painful gums, halitosis and mouth breathing. The periodontal assessment revealed generalized 4-5mm pockets with localized 6-9mm pocket; the bleeding on probing was generalized. It was agreed to try a non-surgical therapy approach.

Solution: The JP Institute protocol includes procuring a saliva specimen followed by multiple sessions of therapy with co-therapy instruction (aka home care instruction) and nutritional counseling. A MyPerioPath® was secured on 4/20/2017. The treatment plan consisted of 6-8 periodontal therapy visits. The 1-hour periodontal therapy sessions included micro-ultrasonics and oral irrigation. The co-therapy consisted of Sonicare® toothbrush, Sonicare® Airflosser, StellaLife® rinse/gel/spray, flossing and LifePak® Nano. For the post-therapy testing, the Alert 2™ was taken on 8/3/2017 which includes MyPerioPath® and MyPerioID®. The systemic antibiotic of Metronidazole 500 mg twice a day for 10 days was administered following the post-therapy test.

Resolution: By incorporating OralDNA® salivary tests, the pre MyPerioPath®, and integrating The JP Institute methods of communication, my patient was able to own her disease. The pre MyPerioPath® confirms a bacterial cause and the post MyPerioPath® gives an objective measurement of bacteria reduction. The MyPerioID® portion of the Alert 2™ being G/G, or High risk, helps to establish the need for more comprehensive non-surgical therapy and frequent recare as well as forewarns the patient of possible relapse.

I was confident the periodontal therapy was going to result in a healthy tissue response, which is apparent from the below photo. The patient and I were pleasantly surprised with the overall health benefits including improved energy, better breathing- as her sinuses cleared resulting in secession of mouth breathing, and her mood stabilized resulting in discontinuation of Adderall.

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