The Insights Provided by Salivary Testing

Without salivary testing we have no way of knowing the cause of the periodontal disease in the patients under our care.

The insights provided by salivary testing include:

  • Identification of the causative bacteria
  • Therapeutic endpoint
  • Risk assessment
  • Outcomes assessment
  • Risk of recurrence
  • Appropriate antibiotic

Incorporating the information from the salivary bacterial test into the periodontal patient’s treatment plan enables personalized care. Forget the one-size-fits-all of the past. Let’s say the patient has one or more high-risk pathogens at high levels. Given the significant disease causing potential of these bacteria, the likelihood of non-responding sites is elevated in this example. This is powerful information since it allows us to plan how we will address non-responding sites in advance, should they occur. Without testing, we would not be able to anticipate the outcome and plan accordingly. We would be treating reactively, rather than proactively. Big difference, most importantly for the patient.

We hope you enjoyed the holiday throwback, this originally posted on 12/9/2016.

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