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As your dental practice opens its doors, answering questions of safety can be one of the many stressors on your mind. This blog will highlight ways to help take control and provide a sense of security. For example, during the mandated shut down dental practices were diligently working, securing limited personal protective equipment (PPE), and studying the ever-changing guidelines. Obtaining the appropriate PPE and conducting necessary training is one way of taking control and providing a sense of security.

The dental world is defining a new normal for infection control and safety measures. Your patients will inquire about your new normal. Be transparent, inform them of the new safety measures that have been implemented in your practice. Feel free to create a list for them what these changes are. If you have added new PPE, let them know what the new equipment is. If you have taken measures to improve the air quality of the dental building, be sure to let your patients know. Many offices have created a post-COVID-19 safety protocol document that can be shared with inquiring patients. Help your patients understand what they can expect once they pull into the parking lot of your practice. Effective measures and honest communication is another way of taking control and providing a sense of security.

Patients may question “Have any of your team members tested positive for COVID-19?” “How do you know your new normal is working?” Be transparent. Testing accessibility has increased and OralDNA® Labs has the OraRisk® COVID-19 PCR test available to dental teams and patients. The OraRisk® COVID-19 PCR test is a diagnostic test that measures the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This test is 100% specific and highly sensitive and equivalent to the very best tests available. Being able to answer the question honestly about team member testing with the OraRisk® COVID-19 PCR test can bring peace of mind and confidence to the dental team and the patients that trust you with their health and safety. Testing is another way to take control and provide a sense of security.

As the phone calls come into your practice, be grateful, and answer each call with a smile on your face. Every time the phone rings it is an opportunity for you to brighten someone’s day. Be happy to address the questions of safety for your patients. Be grateful they care about safety and welcome them into your practice, take control to provide a sense of security. To help the dental team, LionSpeak has developed “Recharged and Ready: Post COVID-19 Q & A.” For access to this guide, click here or email us at info@lionspeak.net.

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Traci Warner, RDH

Traci Warner, RDH

Throughout her almost 30-year career as a Dental Hygienist, Oral Medicine Coach and Facilitator and Patient Communication Skills Coach with LionSpeak, a communication coaching company. Traci Warner, RDH, has observed the connection between oral and systemic health in her patients. Through continuing education and research, she started to take a proactive role in partnering with her patients to inform them and better equip them to manage their total wellness. Understanding relationships between periodontal (gum) disease and major health episodes such as heart attacks, diabetes and stroke, as well as the systemic implications of oral infection and inflammation, Traci has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness of oral health as a crucial part of an integrated approach to whole-body wellness. Traci understands all too well the importance of exceptional communication skills within the workplace, as she has managed a highly successful dental practice for many years. She sees firsthand the importance of delivering powerful conversation skills to the patients and how important it is to empower your team to enjoy their workday while delivering exceptional customer service.

Traci is a graduate of the Ferris State University School of Dental Hygiene and Dawson Academy’s Dental Institute for Systemic Health. She is a member of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health and has served as a professor at Baker College of Cadillac, Michigan.
Traci Warner, RDH

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