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OralDNA® Labs’ salivary diagnostics offers many ways to support our patients. At Fairlington Dental, we started using the diagnostics as an adjunct to our non-surgical periodontal therapy. We quickly discovered, when you know what pathogens you are dealing with, you can create a better plan. MyPerioPath® provides an abundant amount of information; The systemic antibiotic option is one benefit among many. This blog will highlight the oral-systemic benefit.

Our whole health approach to patient care is a passion at Fairlington Dental. We realize the health of the mouth affects the health of the body and vice versa. A thorough health and family health history is conducted for each patient. If we know that Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, the cancers of the pancreas, colon, kidneys, and rheumatoid arthritis can be complicated by periodontal bacteria, we need to know our patient’s overall health risks.

If we discover our patient has a health issue such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, even if they are periodontally healthy, I offer the simple saliva test. It is not uncommon for pathogens related to their health issue to show up. We can’t help what we don’t know. For example, just recently, one of my patients with great oral hygiene, and considered periodontally healthy by all previous standards, chose to take the test due to her rheumatoid arthritis. MyPerioPath® revealed two pathogens related to joint health issues. With this information, I offered her ways to treat the pathogens that previously we would not have even considered. This is a win-win-win. She is healthier. I’m happy to help her achieve her goals, and my production increased.

This example shows how scientifically- based information from OralDNA® can help with treatment planning and case acceptance while addressing whole health. The information in the report is confirming what you are saying. The patient has their results right in front of them so they cannot deny there is a bacterial connection. And, of course, we charge for everything. Your patient either sees the value of the information or not. Your patient either owns their responsibility for their health or not. And that’s their choice. Work with them where they are.
The great thing is each person is an individual and we get to treat them as such with the information from OralDNA®.

**To learn more about becoming an OralDNA Provider: Text “OralDNA” to 31996**

Sally DiCesare RDH BS

Sally DiCesare RDH BS

Sally DiCesare, RDH, BS has been practicing dental hygiene since 1978. Her profession came close to breaking her body and her spirit. That is when she began searching for a way to be physically and mentally healthy while continuing to work in a very stressful profession. She loves sharing with others simple, proven ways to cope and thrive where they felt there was no hope. She has been a speaker and international presenter, coach and mentor to professionals in all lines of work.
Sally DiCesare RDH BS

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