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Dr McGlennen: Tell me how OralDNA® salivary diagnostics fits into your practice.

Dental Creations RDH team: We encourage MyPerioPath® testing for all patients that have 5+ mm pockets and 8 or more areas of bleeding on probing. We explain to the patient that our goal is to identify any pathogens that are detrimental to the whole body, but also to be able to treatment plan according to those specific pathogens to manage them. In addition, we explain these measures are to avoid the “Perio-Go-Round” of scaling and root planing every 1-3 years, as well as the toll that the disease can potentially take on the entire body.

Dr McGlennen: What are the top two things to consider when you select a patient for testing?

Dental Creations RDH team: We feel it is very important to have a full and thorough medical history on each patient prior to conducting any OralDNA® testing. We want to be able to educate the patient on any issues contributing to the test results beforehand, ensuring the patient has a good base knowledge of what we are looking at when we review the results and the dots connect.

Dr McGlennen: What are the biggest benefits of using salivary diagnostics?

Dental Creations RDH team: Periodontal disease is often a fairly “silent disease” and many consider bleeding gums to be normal. “My gums have always bled” is a common phrase heard in dental offices. Having the reports in hand to show the patient what is present in their mouths and how it relates to the entire body is extremely helpful in conveying the seriousness of the disease to the patients. Educating the patient on the oral-systemic connection is simplified with the results of MyPerioPath®.

Dr McGlennen: What is your favorite part of the MyPerioPath® results? Why?

Dental Creations RDH team: We all enjoy the visuals the most. The threshold markers are very easy to explain and read. The visual reference gives the patients a better understanding of what is actually going on in their mouths, and how it is traveling to the other parts of the body.

Dr McGlennen: How do your patients respond to this technology? What is their #1 question?

Dental Creations RDH team: Most patients are very receptive to the test and technology and are very interested in learning more about how to try to rid the body of the dangers that come with the periodontal disease. The #1 question from patients has been “What do we do about it after the results come?” The MyPerioPath® results help us to transition the patient into periodontal treatment and post-op care, as well as home care instruction. They say “Yes” to therapy.

Dr McGlennen: If a new OralDNA® provider were to ask you for advice, what would be your best tip?

Dental Creations RDH team: Don’t miss an opportunity to test whenever possible! We have not had many opportunities to re-test patients after treatment, but the few patients that we have so far have shown tremendous results. Thousands and thousands less pathogens than the initial tests showed, and it was great for the patients to see that it all paid off!

Dr McGlennen: Where do you see salivary diagnostics in 3-5 years? 10 years? What would be the impact on your practice/patients?

Dental Creations RDH team: Now that so many have seen the benefits of the testing in combination with traditional therapies, we see OralDNA® Labs testing becoming more of a professional standard than it is currently being used. With all the additional tests available outside of perio therapies (ie: COVID, HPV, etc), we feel that more and more areas of healthcare will also be utilizing this type of testing. It is SO beneficial for whole body health and can do so much for tailoring and individualizing treatments.

**To learn more about becoming an OralDNA Provider: Text “OralDNA” to 31996**

Dental Creations RDH team

Dental Creations RDH team

Dental Creations of Daytona Beach is a family practice in Daytona Beach, FL. We are a team that puts great focus on whole body health and encourages our patients to think beyond the mouth by educating them on the oral-systemic link. We believe that by using what is present in the oral cavity, we can help our patients to learn more about what is going on with their entire bodies, and how to healthily maintain it for years to come.
Dental Creations RDH team

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