The Game Has Changed!

With all the factors that impact consumers today, the case acceptance equation has shifted. There are some new rules to the game. Getting your team on board with important innovations and techniques such as salivary diagnostics and systems for being a “yes” practice has never been more critical. Total Immersion Online and No More Hygiene Online for the entire team are events where we take your case acceptance skills to where they need to be to hear “Yes” today!

Here is what you and your team will experience…

  1. 2X your new patients for no additional cost.
  2. Turning “wait, watch and see” into a “Yes” every time.
  3. The #1, most common, easy to fix case presentation mistakes dental teams make.
  4. The proven team case presentation formula and everyone’s essential role in it.
  5. STOP Cancellations! as well as other scheduling disruptions.
  6. Secrets of becoming the “Yes” practice.
  7. 6 secrets every patient knows that will transform your case acceptance results.
  8. The biggest treatment planning myth that destroys case acceptance and how to overcome it.
  9. The most important exam they don’t teach in dental school that will transform your results.
  10. The 1 word that must be included in every patient interaction that will guarantee a “Yes” every time.
  11. How to turn “I want to think about it” into your best-case acceptance friend!
  12. How to transform “I can’t afford it” into your leading case acceptance advantage

…and much, much more.

Join other top teams online for the secrets of what the entire team needs to do NOW to hear “Yes” in today’s environment.

Register Here for Total Immersion Online Friday, November 20, 2020 9:45-4:00 pm CST

Register Here for No More Hygiene Online Friday December 4, 2020 9:45-4:00 pm CST

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