A Common-Sense Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Weekly Case Reviews with Dr. Lee Sheldon

Most webinars explore new, innovative, fabulous procedures. What about the day-to-day procedures such as the new patient, the periodontal case, or the restorative case? What about the basics?
• How to communicate to the patient?
• How to prioritize to make dentistry within reach of the average person?
• How to gain greater case acceptance?
• How to remove the insurance obstacle?
Dr. Sheldon brings his whole team approach to patient management and communication to his new webinar series.

Every Friday at 12:00 Noon, Eastern time, Dr. Lee Sheldon, a noted periodontist, will share his common-sense approach to treatment planning and the communication process. He will also share timely tips on how to plan more comprehensively and gain greater treatment acceptance, including OralDNA® salivary diagnostics. The information imparted in this one-hour CEU is invaluable as Dr. Sheldon is one of the best-known periodontists in the country who faces the same challenges that you do. Click here to elevate your practice every week. This webinar case review is 1 CEU from the Oral Reconstruction Foundation for each dentist and/or staff member that attends. There is no charge for the webinars.

To learn more about Dr. Sheldon’s services through the Institute of Dental Specialist, please visit our Protocol Directory.

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Lee Sheldon DMD PA