Rule In or Rule Out — How to Add a Test

The OralDNA® Labs preserved oral rinse collection kit comes at no cost to you and works for all tests on our test menu, with the exception of OraRisk® COVID 19 RT-PCR. The collection technique of a vigorous 30 second swish and gargle is efficient and effectively captures various DNA – bacterial, human, viral and fungal. The collected DNA from the oral cavity is analyzed to produce lab reports that help you make patient care decisions.

When Alert 2™, MyPerioID® IL-6, or Celsus One™ are ordered, human cells are exfoliated during the vigorous 30 second swish and gargle, captured, then DNA is extracted and analyzed. Cells containing viruses are captured and used in OraRisk® HPV and OraRisk® HSV detection. For bacterial tests such as OraRisk® Caries and MyPerioPath®, the DNA of the respective bacteria are generally free floating in the oral cavity and are easily captured with the swish and gargle collection technique.

With clinical laboratory testing, the premise is to “rule in” or “rule out” what is potentially causing clinical signs and symptoms. Sometimes, what may be obvious horse “hoof steps,” may actually be zebras.  When the objective, clinical laboratory results do not meet your expectations, this is an example of “rule out.” Additional testing is then needed to potentially “rule in” the exact cause.

The preserved, collected specimen is viable for testing for 21 days from the date of collection, so additional testing can be ordered or added on without the need to collect and submit another sample. This video will provide simple instructions on how to add a test to an existing order within 21 days of collection.

Diane Larson RDH, BSDH