The Winning Team: The Healthcare Provider & The Clinical Laboratory

Decades, possibly even a century, of periodontal research have led to modern-day periodontology. This research supports identifying the bad guys; reducing their presence should lead to less or no disease. This simple equation has proven to be successful, yet there are still more questions to be asked and answers to be discovered.

Before clinical laboratory testing, healthcare providers could only assume the presence of these culprits in periodontal disease. Today, however, we can confidently say, “The more we know and understand about the causes of periodontal disease, the better our treatments will be, and will ultimately lead to healthier patients.” Partnering with a clinical laboratory to gain more insights is the key to success in dental medicine. Together, we are a winning team.

Clinical laboratory testing plays a central role in medicine, and yes, dentistry is a branch of medicine. Laboratories assist healthcare providers in:

    • Diagnosis: Tests either define or aid in defining a disease.
        • It’s estimated that 40,000 to 80,000 deaths occur annually from preventable errors in clinical diagnoses.
    • Prognosis: Tests predict outcomes for a particular diagnosis.
    • Disease Surveillance: Tests look for the prevalence of a disease in a population.
    • Management: Tests guide the selection or continuation of therapy.
        • Approximately 70% of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, showing the vital role of clinical laboratories in today’s healthcare system.
    • Consultation: Advising on the optimal use of tests, interpreting results, and determining potential follow-up actions based on laboratory findings.

Thank you for trusting and partnering with us. When we work together, we create a winning team and healthier patients!


Diane Larson RDH, BSDH