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The balance between health and disease is delicate. When disease begins, restoring health may be a difficult journey. One strategy is to find the root cause(s) versus treating the symptoms of the disease. Defining the problem(s) and collecting the appropriate data will assist in identifying the cause. Prioritizing the cause(s), rather than the symptoms, will help implement necessary changes to re-establish health.

It is easy to struggle with your health, especially when there is so much conflicting information making it complex and confusing. Join Dr. Gina Pritchard, Dr. Witt Wilkerson, Patti DeMatteis RDH and Lora Hooper RDH as they pull back the curtain on traditional healthcare. Each episode contains powerful information to help you discover root causes of disease and a path to better health. If you are not happy with your current health, or are seeking help, this podcast is for you.

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