Light the Flame of Awareness

Incorporating OralDNA® testing into our practice has been a game changer. It finally gives us, the clinicians, an advantage when getting ahead of this progressive disease–periodontal disease. The research is mounting, periodontal pathogens do not just exist in your oral cavity; the bacteria can enter the bloodstream through inflamed periodontal tissue. Hence, the mouth is connected to the body and so are the pathogens. It is all linked. Now with MyPerioPath® results to show what periodontal pathogens are present, we can better treat the disease orally and help connect those results to systemic health. Patients really get it.

The direction for our team is to test as early as possible. Why wait, right? All active periodontal disease patients and gingivally infected patients, young and old, are offered testing. We feel if we can treat a patient early for the disease, then there will be a better outcome and a better lifetime management of periodontal and possibly systemic diseases. In my experience, there are many different scenarios. For example, in patients who are AAP Grade C due to light biofilm with excess destruction regardless of the AAP Stage, salivary testing is crucial. Through lab testing, the unknown becomes the known.

For patients, when they see the lab reports, it is like a lightbulb turns on. The Mouth-Body™ connection becomes real. The lab report is very eye-opening. The results are the match needed to light the flame of awareness. Now is the time to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve when treating and managing periodontal disease. Start by asking your patients, “What’s really in your mouth and could it be flowing through your bloodstream and GI tract too?” Then show them the answers on a colorful, easy to read lab report from OralDNA® Labs that supports your clinical findings and offers treatment suggestions.

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