Vitality Mindset Made Simple Podcast

We all want to enjoy a life of relevance and energy. But, stress, toxins, and chronic inflammation can slowly plunder vitality. Staying healthy can often seem confusing, expensive, and no fun. The mental, physical, and emotional stressors of life are unavoidable, causing fatigue and accelerating aging. Confusing health information makes it difficult to know what to do or even where to start. Life is just too short to miss out on vitality.

As a clinical dentist for over 36 years, I understand that confusing health information is overwhelming and exhausting. Observing the vast connections between oral health and systemic health inspired me to pursue integrative medical education. A nationally certified Health and Wellness coach trained at Mayo Clinic, I further expanded my education by completing a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and then earning a master’s in Nutritional Medicine from the Morsani College of Medicine. My master’s thesis, “The Forgotten Orifice,” explores the connections between oral pathogens and systemic health. That paper inspired the invitation for my 2019 TEDx talk, which is also entitled “The Forgotten Orifice.” I am convinced that OralDNA® Salivary Diagnostics is absolutely a significant key to unraveling our health care crisis.

Please listen to my podcast, Vitality Mindset Made Simple, where we unite physical, mental, emotional, and oral wellbeing with a refreshing Integrative Medicine approach. Vitality Mindset Made Simple will give you, your family, and your patients sustainable strategies to maximize your healthspan with clarity.

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