CE.LIYA: The Easy Way to Find LIVE Continuing Education Courses

Dental professionals are in the business of education and relationships. This drives the day-to-day actions in my practice of dentistry, and I am certain in other practices too. First, we provide education to our patients regarding their current level of health, the disease process that is present, and treatment options available with prognosis. Second, we build relationships with our teams, our patients, and our dental partners whose products/services we use in our practice daily like OralDNA® Labs. This synergy between education and relationships is crucial and must continue to evolve.

When dental professionals graduate from their respective dental education institutes, we have skills to begin practicing, but not the knowledge for long-term growth. So how do we become experts? Well, I once heard from a colleague, “Perfect practice makes perfect. Not practice makes perfect.” My experience is that we learn best by watching and learning from others who do the procedures well. We gain access to this information through the continuing education courses we take, the relationships we build along the way, and the ability to put ourselves in the often-uncomfortable situation to make mistakes while we learn and grow.

So, the next question is, where do you find information on the continuing education courses available? Search engines like Google contain a lot of information for OnDemand courses. But what about all live and in-person CE courses and conventions? There are so many more benefits to sitting side by side with your colleagues in a classroom, dental office, or convention center versus being remote!

As a dentist for more than 10 years and practicing the majority of that time on my own, I felt there was a struggle to easily find live and in-person dental CE courses. Most recently, I would find these events through multiple communication channels like emails, text messages, flyers, mailers, and on social media based on who I follow or like. This is crazy! This information needs to be easily accessible to all dental professionals, period.

Utilizing technology to solve this problem, I created the first platform for all dental professionals to find and register for LIVE CE courses more efficiently. The CE.LIYA app is free and can be accessed by creating a profile at www.CELIYA.com. Those who should consider this mobile app include:
• Dental Professionals and Dental Students
• Dental CE providers, Conventions, Specialists who host CE events
• Dental Supply Companies
• Dental Lab Techs
• Dental Speakers

Start expanding your education and relationships today by becoming a CE.LIYA Founding Member. Please visit us at www.CELIYA.com and stay tuned. We will have a new blog launching in April 2022 to share more information on this topic!

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