Words of Wisdom by Kim Miller, RDH

Every patient is different. Overcoming a patient’s obstacles to treatment may take some finesse. The diagnosis and treatment plan are typically the easier task. In this series, we have asked the experts from our Protocol Directory, to share their insight.

When Kim Miller RDH with Inspired Hygiene was asked to address “I need to think about it” or “I need to talk to ____ (my husband, wife, etc.) about it,” her response included the following:

“I completely understand. I’m sure you weren’t expecting to hear that you have an infection in your mouth. Typically, when a patient tells me they need to think about it, it means I have not given them enough information to make a decision. Take a moment and think about what’s holding you back. What questions do you have for me? What have I been unclear about?” (The key is to wait and listen to the patient. Do not try to convince them. Be the source of information, not pressure.)

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