The Blood Pressure Blueprint: THE Holistic Guide to Defeating Hypertension

STOP constantly worrying about your high blood pressure and feeling those pesky symptoms.

NO LONGER fear that your hypertension will cause a heart attack, stroke or worse.

REJOICE when your doctor says, “Your blood pressure is perfect!”

The Blood Pressure Blueprint is your proven solution to achieve optimal blood pressure control.

Dr. Ellie Campbell has devoted 30 years of clinical experience in conventional, holistic, and integrative medicine designing a program to help you achieve optimal blood pressure control, often without the need for prescription medications.

This book equips readers with new information and better tools to help manage high blood pressure and correct the leading contributor to the number one killer in our country. It aims to turn the healthcare fear and annoyance into knowledge and empowerment. You will no longer dread getting your blood pressure checked because you will finally have a new toolbox full of home remedies and strategies to manage your hypertension!


In this book, you will learn:

    • Ways to properly measure your blood, because both you and your doctor’s office are probably doing it WRONG
    • Which organs get damaged by blood pressure
    • Some of the differences in how men and women present while they are having a heart attack
    • The critical importance of sleep and why to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, while learning of many treatments for sleep apnea besides CPAP
    • Many of the functional medicine principles of diet, stress management, micronutrient supplements (and Rx meds that deplete nutrients), and exercises/movements that help control blood pressure
    • How to recognize the #1 hidden trigger for blood vessel disease — poor oral health — and learn about how germs causing gum disease and tooth abscesses can also cause strokes and heart attacks
    • How to follow home remedies to help manage hypertension including specific diets, acupuncture points, herbal remedies, supplements, meditation, and breath work

Read this book today, share it with someone you love, and start controlling high blood pressure naturally, so you can live the life you deserve without the deadly dangers of uncontrolled blood pressure. Click here to get your copy!

Ellie Campbell DO