Hygienist Highlight: Baltimore Uptown Dentist

Can you briefly describe your experience and background as a dental hygienist?
I have been a hygienist for almost 40 years and have been working with a phase contrast microscope for the last 25 years. Using the microscope has helped me view the mouth’s connection to whole health.

What motivated you to become a dental hygienist?
I love smiles and want to help people have the healthiest mouth possible. Now, it’s a healthy mouth and body!

How do you stay updated on the latest dental hygiene trends, technologies, and best practices?
I attend conferences annually and keep up with current publications. I also keep up to date with the required continuing education requirements for my dental hygiene license.

Can you explain your approach to patient education and preventive care?
It’s whole-body health, and the mouth is where I start.

How do you utilize OralDNA® tests in your patient care routine?
We have implemented OralDNA® for all our implant patients and I have been recommending MyPerioPath® testing on all periodontal patients and patients with systemic health issues. I educate patients about the role of heredity and genetics in periodontal and systemic disease.

What prompted you to begin using OralDNA? How long have you been testing with us?
We have had OralDNA in the practice for several years; however, I was inspired to start using OralDNA testing in more instances after coming back from the RDH Under One Roof conference in Nashville this past summer.

Is there anything additional you would like to share?
Understanding the mouth as vital to whole health has led me to also becoming an integrative nutrition health coach. I’m now able to treat dental clients from a nutritional perspective.

Sherri Feldman RDH
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