Interview with Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH, RF, BSDH, MS

Normandale Community College has a commitment to excellence in dental hygiene education and has been training their students on salivary diagnostics since 2010. We asked Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH, RF, BSDH, MS, to share her insight into their program and how it has been affected by the introduction of salivary diagnostics:

Diane Larson, RDH: What are the most significant changes or trends you’ve observed in salivary testing over the last 13 years?
Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH: It is truly amazing to learn about how salivary diagnostics has continued to evolve over the past decade. There have been many improvements from the collection process itself to the online system and the reports generated. The sheer number of tests that can be conducted and the information that can be obtained are quite impressive. Not to mention, it is always exciting to learn about the increase in dental (and medical) providers that have started to incorporate salivary diagnostics into practice.

Diane Larson, RDH: What do you enjoy most about the OralDNA® presentation for your students?
Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH: It is a unique opportunity for our dental hygiene students to learn about how advancements in technology can elevate the practice of dentistry and enhance the healthcare we provide to our patients. I use the word “healthcare” because this presentation opens the students’ eyes to truly understand the oral systemic relationship and the benefits that salivary diagnostics can have on treating the “whole” patient. Like our medical counterparts, dentistry has an obligation to utilize all the tools available to assess, diagnosis, educate, treat, and re-evaluate the care rendered to our patients.

Diane Larson, RDH: How do students respond after the presentation? Has it sparked new conversations in the classroom?
Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH: To the students, this concept seems like a no brainer! If there is a test that is simple and can provide necessary information that can assist in better patient care, why wouldn’t we use it? It is so beneficial for our students to learn about all the resources that are available to them as future dental professionals. When they get out into practice, it is our hope that they will inspire their dental practices to provide the best care possible to their patients by incorporating salivary diagnostics.

Diane Larson, RDH, extends this opportunity to all schools interested in learning about Salivary Testing and OralDNA® Labs. To schedule a presentation, please email

As dental care continues to evolve, the integration of these innovative technologies becomes paramount and ensures that future dental professionals are well-equipped to provide the highest standard of patient care. As a thank you to Normandale Community College and their commitment to staying at the forefront of dental education, please register to attend the virtual continuing education opportunity hosted by Normandale Interprofessional Education (IPE) on January 19, 2024, 2-3:30 CST.

Rachel Kashani-Legler, RDH, RF, BSDH, MS
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