Become a Healer

Biological dental hygiene changed my dental hygiene world. Until six years ago, I was not even aware it existed. Luckily, I found it – or rather, it found me. I became a dental hygienist because I wanted to help people. Now I am a true healer; biological dental medicine is my calling.

Welcome to my Bio-Logical World.

We were trained in traditional dental practices – scraping and polishing teeth, emphasizing the importance of flossing, applying fluoride treatments, and delivering lectures on homecare. Despite our best efforts and patient compliance, these practices did not yield the promised results of a healthy mouth. Bleeding gums and increased tooth decay persisted even in those who diligently followed my recommendations. Not only were my patients discouraged and frustrated, but I was disheartened and disillusioned with my career choice. I questioned my clinical skills – reevaluated what I might be missing, and where I was wrong, and what knowledge gaps needed addressing. This led me to re-evaluate my entire approach to patient care.

The biological dental hygiene philosophy completely revolutionized my practice. It taught me to look deeper for the causes of dental diseases because by not addressing the underlying issues, true healing cannot occur. Dental diseases have their roots in nutrition, gut health, improper breathing and oxygenation, emotions, and sleep-breathing disorders. We cannot rely just on oral hygiene and which toothbrush or toothpaste to use. It is truly about the health of the cells, the mitochondria, and oxygen. Without these foundational building blocks, even the most comprehensive gum therapy would be ineffective.

Biological dental practitioners prioritize working in harmony with the body, using products with minimal toxins to achieve the objectives of modern dentistry safely. Our practices proudly embrace a fluoride-free, and mercury-free environment while adhering to mercury-safe protocols. Rooted in scientific principles and supported by thorough research, our approach is centered on respecting the body’s terrain and creating conditions conducive to self-healing.

The goal of biological dental hygiene prevention is to address the root causes of dental issues. Our guiding mantra is test, teach, treat, repeat. We test to find out why the patient has the disease and find the root cause. Then we teach so the patient has the proper knowledge to help heal themselves. Then we treat with the most effective, appropriate tools. Finally, retest to refine and adjust our approach, providing personalized guidance for the patient’s ongoing health journey. Change to help guide the patient on their health journey. Healthy teeth and gums are indicators of a healthy body, emphasizing the interconnectedness of oral and overall well-being.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a biological practitioner is my membership in the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. It’s incredibly gratifying to no longer feel isolated; I am now part of a vast network of like-minded healthcare professionals, including dental hygienists and dentists, who not only comprehend but also wholeheartedly support my perspectives and philosophies. Our bi-annual gatherings, held in March and September, provide a unique opportunity to connect with others who share a similar mindset. The speakers at these meetings are not only fascinating, but also constructively challenge my preconceived notions.

To learn more about Bio-Logical dental care, please join us at the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s next meeting in Las Vegas on March 21-23, 2024. Be the Bio-Logical healer you always wanted to be.

Barbara Tritz RDH
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