The Patient First Podcast: Dr. Bryan Laskin Interviews Diane Larson, RDH, BSDH

Dr. Bryan Laskin is a Minnesota dentist and tech entrepreneur on a mission to help solve the biggest problem in dentistry, the lack of data accessibility, through innovation, education, and standardization.

Creator of Lake Minnetonka Dental, Upgrade Dental, Digital Nitrous, OperaDDS, Dental Standards Institute, and Co-Founder of Toothapps, Dr. Laskin is also an advisor and investor to many of the most progressive healthcare companies. He is the author of the Amazon best- selling books “The Patient First Manifesto” and “Dental Disorder” and the host of “The Patient First Podcast.”

Dr. Laskin recently invited Diane Larson from OralDNA® Labs to sit down and discuss the ever-evolving topic of Salivary Diagnostics:

“All dental clinicians who care about providing their patients with the best treatment are interested in scientific advances that elevate the standard of care. Can you imagine the possibilities unlocked through non-invasive and easy saliva testing? In this interview with Diane Larson, RDH, BSDH, the Director of Clinical Education for OralDNA Labs, you’ll learn about the unique benefits of salivary diagnostics.

Diane’s more than two decades of experience in dentistry and her journey to becoming an advocate for evidence-based treatment planning are a testament to the significance that salivary diagnostics holds for dentistry. OralDNA Labs has exciting plans for expanding its diagnostic testing services. Oral healthcare providers will want to watch this space so that they can keep up with the scientific innovations that will enable them to diagnose more accurately, present more tailored treatment plans, increase case acceptance, and experience more predictable outcomes.”

Click here to watch the full interview or listen here!

Abby McMillan