When to Administer the Systemic Antibiotic…..

The use of systemic antibiotics as an adjunct to periodontal disease have been utilized for decades1. With the emergence of systemic antibiotic stewardship, a responsible approach to administering a systemic antibiotic with periodontal care is warranted. The overall “cocktail” approach-selecting a systemic antibiotic to blanket everything-could be contributing to rise in antibiotic resistance. However, a systematic approach of testing and utilizing an evidence based recommendation helps you achieve a responsible approach.

After a periodontal assessment indicating inflammation, administer a MyPerioPath® to confirm the presence of bacteria triggering the inflammatory response. Please note periodontal bacteria usually plays a significant role with periodontal inflammation but is not always the cause or only cause of the inflammation. If the MyPerioPath® results reveal the bacterial load is significant, then the use of a systemic antibiotic in conjunction with biofilm disruption can be considered. An evidence based recommendation will be printed on most MyPerioPath reports, if there isn’t an option then there is a link to the MyPerioPath Antibiotic Options. When considering the use of a systemic antibiotic, the prescribing doctor is responsible and should consider the patient’s dental and medical history (e.g. pregnancy/nursing, diabetes, immuno-suppression, other patient medications) when evaluating the use of antibiotic medications. Many antibiotics may impact/interact with other medications and may produce adverse side effects. Review the manufacturer warnings for any contraindications, or consult with the patient’s physician if there are concerns with the selected antibiotic regimen.

The antibiotic is best administrated following the biofilm disruption2. The mechanical debridement disrupts the protective matrix of the biofilm so the bacteria is free-floating. When the biofilm is in a plankton/free floating state, the systemic antibiotic can be more effective. Another option would be to administer the systemic antibiotic 1-2 days before a full mouth biofilm disruption3, especially for high risk patients such as diabetes or cardiovascular patients.

Other adjunctive therapy, such as localized antimicrobials, can be administered at the same time as the systemic antibiotic. Overall, several modes of therapy can be successful when addressing periodontal inflammation. Utilizing an objective diagnostic test, like MyPerioPath® before therapy, confirms if a bacterial reduction approach is warranted and gives an evidenced based systemic antibiotic option- Personalized care. This approach allows the clinician to administer the antibiotic responsibly.


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Diane Larson RDH, BSDH

Diane Larson RDH, BSDH

Diane Larson, RDH, BSDH has over 20 years of dental experience. She is a member of the ADHA/ MnDHA. Although she is no longer providing patient care chair side, her passion is helping clinicians provide a higher quality of care for their patients by assisting in developing an evidence based treatment plan. She considers herself an extension of every team that utilizes OralDNA services. Her total health approach is complimented by her nutritional knowledge. She is from the Midwest and calls Minnesota home, where she lives with her husband and yellow lab, Parker.
Diane Larson RDH, BSDH

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  1. Sandy Sheffler RDH says:

    Hi Diane, this is Sandy Sheffler RDH from Baltimore , MD. Yesterday Kimberly helped me get started again with your program. I am in the office of Dr. K. Michael Murphy and Assoc. I have used a microscope for 30 years and we were using OralDNA labs about 9 years ago. We are now reaching out to medical offices that follow the Bale/Doneen program so we are re-familiarizing ourselves with OraDNA. Look forward to working with you. Sandy

    1. Diane Larson RDH, BSDH says:

      Sandy- Welcome back! I am sure you fall right into step, like riding a bike. Please consider me an extension of your team. Diane

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