Video Interview with Sarah Tevis Poteet DDS

Dr. McGlennen: As a physician, my education included not only how to care for patients, but how to use clinical laboratory tests to make diagnoses and guide treatment for patients. Being the medical director of OralDNA® Labs and broadening the scope of the medical profession to include all of my colleagues in the practice of dentistry has been rewarding. I am inspired every day by colleagues who think outside of their educational conventions, and work to set the bar higher and include testing services into their care. Dr. Sarah Tevis Poteet is one of those professionals who inspires her patients to reach out for more. We hope you are ignited by her dedication. She has submitted her video response to this question:

After a decade of using our testing for patient care, what test do you utilize most? Why and what qualifies a patient for testing?

Sarah Poteet DDS PA