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Ozonated water contains three oxygen molecules, making it a highly powerful natural disinfectant. There are a few ways Ozonated water can be made, but the safest and easiest method is with an electrolytic generator which runs electricity through regular tap water. Ozonated water kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in seconds, and is highly oxidated, which makes it great for healing. It works about 3,000 times faster than other disinfectants. Ozonated water is safe for the environment because it reverts back to H2O, leaving behind no byproducts. It also helps businesses reduce costs by eliminating the need to purchase distilled water and expensive, toxic disinfectants. The use of Ozonated water improves the health of your staff and patients by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

My Ozonated water journey began recently when I reviewed a MyPerioPath® test result for a patient. The suggested therapy of Ozone reminded me of a podcast called “Hygiene Superstar” which I had listened to the week prior. The episode was about Ozonated water and how when it is used in the oral cavity, it is effective in helping eliminate pathogens that cause periodontal disease and decay. Two recommendations for Ozone in two weeks, I couldn’t ignore that. I wanted to start recommending Ozonated water to all my patients right away, but there was an obstacle – patients couldn’t buy the electrolytic generator at a local store. My solution? Provide portable electrolytic generators to my patients through my business, RDH Hero LLC.

The portable electrolytic generator uses a USB cord to recharge just like your phone and produces 3 PPM of Ozonated water in 2 mins from tap water! Ozonated water can be poured into a cup to use as an antiseptic mouth rinse or can be used for irrigation in a Waterpik® or another oral irrigator. The portable electrolytic generator is not only great for oral health but can also be used to wash fruits/vegetables and disinfect homes. Lastly, it is great for wounds like MRSA and diabetic lesions, as bacteria and viruses cannot become resistant to Ozone. Ozonated water can save a limb, teeth, or even better, a life!

Seeing is believing for me, so I performed a couple of cases for myself. Here are the results:

My 89-year-old grandma’s venous ulcerated leg: Her unresolved ulcer had been treated for over a year with IV antibiotics, systemic antibiotics, by a dermatologist, other specialists and the next was to see a vascular surgeon for potential amputation. Within one week of using Ozonated water to cleanse the ulcer, you can see the significant degree of healing. I truly believe with Ozonated water, I was able to save my grandma’s leg from amputation and with your help, I hope to save many more limbs!

    Figure 2: Venus Ulcer before Ozonated water                            Figure 3: Venous Ulcer 7 Days after Ozonated water

The case studies below are my “at home experiments” which included prepping petri dishes, one of a door handle swab before and after disinfection with Ozone and one of a countertop surface after prepping meat (Figure 4). I also swabbed my mouth prior to swishing with Ozonated water and then swabbed my mouth directly after swishing for 30 seconds (Figure 5).
Figure 4: Top portion of petri dishes is 30 seconds after Ozonated water and bottom portion is before Ozonated water.

Figure 5: Oral cavity, top portion prior to swishing with Ozonated water, and bottom portion, 30 seconds after.

My mission is to have Ozonated water as a standard of care for gingivitis and periodontally involved patients. However, I am one hygienist seeing only my patients. My hope is that other hygienists will join me in making Ozonated water the standard of care. Your help is needed to spread the word about Ozonated water. If you have a patient that would benefit from Ozonated water, please refer your patient to me, as I have inventory on hand and can ship anywhere within the USA. Does your office want to carry inventory of portable electrolytic generators for patients to purchase or are you interested in learning how you can set the bar high and incorporate Ozonated water throughout your practice? I can help with either option! I hope to hear from you and your patients soon! Want to connect? Email me, Miranda Adams, at RDHHero3@yahoo.com.

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