Pure Perio: Upcoming Events

Pure Perio is an oral health course that focuses on total body health by treating periodontal disease founded by Dr. Tommy Nabors, the pioneer in salivary diagnostics. Our core concept involves understanding the body’s inflammatory cascade through microbiology with salivary diagnostics.

By attending the course, you will learn the science behind periodontal disease and total body health from research-based sources. After understanding the science, you will learn an oral health protocol to apply to all ages of patients and all categories of disease. Along with saliva testing, Pure Perio’s protocol includes biofilm reduction, sulcular irrigation, and appropriate individualized medicines. Learning styles include classroom and hands on. All dental team members are invited to attend. Dentists will also learn how to utilize dental hygienists like the efficient healthcare nurse practitioner model. Dental hygienists will learn how to identify disease and appropriately treat disease. Dental assistants and business team members will learn the science behind disease, treatment protocols, how to present recommended treatment and appropriate dental coding. Pure Perio is taught by Dr. Tommy Nabors and Andrea Owens, RDH who practice together at Beam Smile Design in Nashville, TN. Please join us in Nashville, TN on March 8th, 2024 or in Cincinnati, OH on March 22nd, 2024. You may contact Andrea to register at (715) 505-2390 or andrea@beamsmiledesign.com

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