Oral Health and Whole-Body Health: Using Testing to Address Cause and Effect with Dr. Ron McGlennen

You know that oral health can profoundly impact whole-body health. And your patients are becoming increasingly aware of this fact. You’re uniquely positioned to influence their oral care decisions. So, how do you expertly educate them about this vital connection?

Join Ron McGlennen, MD, and Jocelyn Strand, ND, on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024, at 11am PT as they discuss evaluating oral health and addressing dental disorders from an integrative perspective. In this “fireside chat,” Dr. McGlennen will share insights and expertise from his decades of experience using testing to support a balanced oral microbiome as a necessary component of overall health. Click here to register!

You’ll come away with a better understanding of:

    • Current views of common dental disorders – including dental caries and chronic periodontitis – and their root causes
    • Diagnostic tests available to support the management of these disorders
    • New approaches to evaluating oral and systemic inflammation resulting from oral dysbiosis

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Amanda Seaton, B.S.