Re-assess and Re-focus in 2021

When it comes to your profitability and production for 2021, how are you doing so far this year? Are you on track to do what you hoped? And most of all, have you determined what improvements you want to incorporate into your practice for 2021?

Many of us had the feeling that a giant pause button was pushed during our COVID lockdowns. How did you use that time? Did you take time for yourself? Did you reprioritize your relationships? How about your health, did you do any self-love or was it self-destruction?

Did you evaluate life inside your practice? Was this the team you thought it was? Did you find out that the top 20% of people that you depend on for support were there? Many employers had to make hard decisions as they faced their own core values. Loyalty, integrity, and dependability counted heavily when weighing whether a team member stayed or not. This went both ways and for some there may have been surprises. A leader usually knows in their heart who has their back and is on board with the long-term vision. As the manager of your professional team, you may have realized your part in this challenging scenario and saw opportunities to improve team culture and build better systems.

As COVID precautions were eased, many dentists returned to their offices with different priorities, numerous financial outlays, and trepidations. As a profession, we discovered that the public had pressing needs and that we truly are “essential frontline workers.” Our offices adapted to all the PPE, OSHA, CDC regulations, etc. with the help of our great ADA and state dental associations guidance. Together we got back to a new style of delivering oral health care.

We are in the first quarter of 2021. Now is the time to re-focus on where you are going. What is your finish line or goal for this year? Here is food for thought. Since the pandemic, patients are more accustomed to testing. Perhaps now is the time to include OralDNA® Labs testing in your new protocols. Some dental offices are also offering testing for COVID-19 through OralDNA® Labs as a pre-surgical precaution and as a service for their patients. Instead of just delivering a new style of oral health care, consider incorporating salivary diagnostics and deliver next level care, setting the bar higher. Focus on doing what’s right for your patients and success will follow. Recommit to healthy relationships with your team and train together to stay strong in 2021 and beyond.

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