Words of Wisdom from Dr. John Kempton

Every patient is different. Overcoming a patient’s obstacles to treatment may take some finesse. The diagnosis and treatment plan are typically the easier task. In this series, we have asked the experts from our Protocol Directory, “How would they help the patient overcome their obstacle(s)?”

When we asked Dr. John Kempton from LAUNCH Oral Systemic Health to respond to “That’s more than I was expecting,” here is his approach.

When patients respond to our consultation with “That’s more than I was expecting,” we want to start by looking at the bigger picture. It is the objective of any communication effort to emotionally connect with the patient and not just deliver “content.” A relational connection at every point of contact as a patient moves through the office fosters trust, and that trust is now embedded in their experience. By the time treatment or diagnostic recommendations are made, a level of trust should already be in place. They know that the team authentically cares.

A comprehensive and compassionate presentation ideally should leave no question left unasked or objection overcome. When a patient comments, “That’s more than I was expecting,” we want to evaluate how effective we were at creating value. Value for the restoration, for the implant, and the value for their overall health when it comes to mitigating periodontitis…including salivary diagnostics for oral pathogens.

Every interaction with a patient is an opportunity to create value and trust. When we miss the connected relational communication model, we get the classic objections. In short, the value of the recommendations exceeds the consequences of electing not to follow through with them. In the end, who can object to reducing chronic disease, to strengthening the immune system, and creating the opportunity for longevity and a new quality of life?

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John Kempton DDS