“Words of Inspiration” by Dr. John Kempton

In this time when everything is go, go, go, we all need inspiration to reset and continue the go, go, go. In this series, we have asked the experts from our Protocol Directory for their “Words of Inspiration.” Here is how Dr. John Kempton from LAUNCH Oral Systemic Health responded.

Inspiration is not packaged; it is available unconditionally to all individuals in all professions and it comes in a multitude of genres. We require it to visualize our creativity and potential. In the end, are we open and willing to be inspired at any moment…Are we looking for its transformation?

Many individuals’ inspired lives and words have been influential in my journey, and it is difficult to settle on that one sacred gem. Allow me to share a piece of my father’s wisdom and one of John Maxwell; I was humbled to mentor with both. The combinations of their pearls of wisdom have been the backbone of both personal and professional success.

My father, a mechanical contractor, advised repeatedly to “Give the customer more than they paid for and do the job to exceed their expectations.” Although John Maxwell has hundreds of famous quotes, the one mantra that struck a professional chord was “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

My father said “give” and Maxwell said “care.” These concepts go hand in hand. As the people around us, patients included, experience the way we “give,” it is affirmation that in fact we “care.” The human response to being cared for and cared about initiates trust and loyalty from them towards the practice and us.

For many years, our practice mission statement was simply “provide outrageous caring at every point of patient contact.” Team members were encouraged to be creative and were beneficiaries of a fulfilling workplace environment. All while patient loyalty with resulting referrals exceeded our capacity to schedule new appointments.

The last decade of private practice was dedicated to delivering dentistry from an oral systemic platform. Caring for patient wellness beyond the confines of the oral environment. The impact on the practice when positioned to care about total patient health could not have been calculated. The impact on the lives of patients was the most rewarding endeavor initiated in some forty years of private practice.

Living inspired transcends our profession and positions you and me best to become our greatest potential, to live with greater fulfillment, and to be a transformational influence on all and any who walk along side.

John Kempton DDS FACD
Launch Health LLC

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John Kempton DDS